News and Notes

Economic science includes Earth sciences and analysis for adjustments to social and economic structure that will promote harmony of purpose in tune with Earth life support systems. In this way ecology is seen as a living place, a household, within which economists and everyone else imagine alternatives to what actual people are actually doing. Keep in mind where the actual compass heading of real people is leading to. Economic thinkers can only help describe a new way of life democratically devised with the input of millions for the benefit of millions of unemployed and millions more who still won’t be able to afford the rent even after proposed minimum wage increases are finally handed out from on high. How is this to be done and at the same time tend to increasing Earth's fertility?

Dignified people are not able to make dignified decisions when hunger and homelessness are haunting. The present socioeconomic heading is on a bulls eye trajectory to environmental disaster and climate collapse. Prisons must be closed and decentralized education expanded. Expensive? Yep. Start with hunger and drinking water. Now. Spring is coming to the northern hemisphere. Organize community gardens and mini plots. Don't get bogged down with collapsing governments. Work with neighborhood people. Plant gardens now. Tap into church and community center rain gutters to collect water for drought. Learn about above ground ferrocement water tanks at, online since 1999. Thin stucco over plastic tanks is quick optimum for rainwater in the north. The plaster keeps sun off plastic and decomposed plastic molecules put of your body. Start with water and food. Think about short bus rides to larger fields.

And while your bumping along on the bus, think about how much we all want to blame a single personality for national collapse. It's the same story in Italy, Portugal and Spain. In the US, we all forget things were about the same, presidentially, since Ronald Reagan sent the troops into Granada while running an illegal war in Nicaragua. And before that it was bomb Vietnam. Before that was Korea...

The US grew to become a mighty military empire that destroys any government attempting to use its nation’s natural resources for the benefit of its own people. Brasil is the most recent big one and Bolivia was a more recent smaller yet very temporary US resource grab victory. Two wrongs don't make a right, even so, France is a pirate country, too, like Apaches attacking agricultural cliff dwellers in days of old.

This war story is not new around the world or inside borders of many countries; The army attacks citizens when the people challenged the will of an oligarch.

Life will become more difficult as western military empires crumble. Why do they crumble? Partially because they are loosing institutional abilities. Jets are grounded for lack of engine parts while old pyramids crumble. More jet parts is related to good free colleges that equip young minds with free higher education. The problem is more education leads to war resistors. Free education is the key. Semi-slave labor paying its own room and board in privatized prisons may help produce cannon fodder but it can't compete in the modern world.

In most countries there are two main political teams busily filling capitalist goals at both ends of the field. In the US it's Democrats and Republicans. These two pretend to compete yet peel back the curtain of Oz and behold! Democrats and Republicans together own a company that is approximately called “Presidential Debates, inc.” The purpose of that company is to screen out common people riffraff, which it is fairly good at. On the other hand, the Republican and Democratic partnership in the presidential debate corporation has not done very well at screening out unstable oligarchs or selecting smart ones.

At this time, only the lonely can't see the US is slowly imploding. France, Germany, Australia, Spain, Israel, Italy, Brasil, Canada and England are not far behind. National collapse is a breeding ground for desperate nationalist fascism in all the collapsing countries. Add newly militarizing Germany and Japan to that list.

Capitalists are causing national collapses worl-wide because they are inefficient yet supported by state central planners. What else is permanent war other than a centrally planned economy? The masses no longer earn enough to pay expenses needed to accomplish central war plans. The masses cannot even afford to pay for internal police control of themselves. Thugs sprout from neglected fields of uncultured minds with idle hands.

Schools go unpainted while teacher’s union bureaucrats fight the teachers to support the central plan. The US steals Venezuelan and Syrian oil to pay its war expenses because it is broke, while thugs rampage in the capitol. It’s too easy to blame a single obese thug chain munching pigs in a blanket sweating fat. The problem of a collapsing military empire is much bigger than the last president or a next new one.

Use the pandemic as an accurate report card; The US is among the bottom four most sick countries and Vietnam is in the top two. New Zealand is first but it is a small population isolated in the Pacific. The seventy million who live in Vietnam, the country the US tried to destroy, are number one! That happened and is happening in living people's lifetimes.

This does not imply Vietnamese oligarchs are nicer than north american oligarchs. Vietnam as number one pandemic handler means the same kind of thing as Venezuela delivering multiple truck convoys of oxygen to sick people deep inside Brasil, near the home state of Brasil’s fascist president. There is meaning and nuance in these kinds of events that existing representative democracy cannot see or understand. Military empires run by what are called democracies have eaten more than Earth can supply, plus austerity has squeezed so long the people are already wrung dry— here, there, and everywhere.

The distributed intelligence of cosmic powered biology manifest as human can hopefully find a way to focus and figure out which nuance in which event provides a compass heading away from extinction and toward more fun. But it can only do that if a new form of government is invented.

The democrats want to crush Venezuela’s attempt to invent more advanced democracy because that’s what they do to competitors. Viva Venezuela!

The democratss continue torture of Julian Assange the truth teller. Their political partnership in crime with republicans is creating and at the same time crucifying a modern day Christ the truth teller opposing money lenders and war mongers. This could not be made up. The story is real. Jesus Christ Super Star II is playing on the stage of real life daily happenings.

Yes, democrats will back peddle and throw a few bones while denying medicare for all and a decent wage pegged to inflation.

Democrats suck the life out of social evolution in a losing attempt to hold the status quo for oligarchs. All these things plus eternal war support capitalist piracy politely called, privatize.

Forget that story leading to nationalist fascism; the last president was a simpleton who had a smooth talking ability of manipulating those who are frustrated and angry because they have so far been unable to see who is ripping them off. This won't last. We open our eyes together and by doing so become friends. Sure, some see sooner and some later, that doesn't matter. Pick up some tools and grow your own independence. Food and water are the key right now. And look ahead to next winter. A day is near when we the people come out of winter warm and well fed by our own doing. It is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, dark hours are turning to light.