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Candidates listed are public and included as current examples of voting tool functionality, which is sufficient as is for experiments with ideas rather than candidates.

The question now is;

What kind of society can live within the limits of one Earth with major space left for biodiversity?

We know with our senses that capitalism is designed to grow faster and faster to infinity. Our eyes can see and we converse with friends and associates about a way of life that already requires more Earths.

What will the glitter of Tokyo and and Las Vegas be like when a gently declining population also reduces consumption of Earth per person? Biological diversity will stabilize and then become healthy.

We can heal Earth with human rights and still reach for the stars.

Poor villagers in the Amazon are trying to show us something privatized capitalism is burning down. Some indigenous students are voluntarily in colleges near and far. Human eyes can see and explain to each other what they have seen and learned across a wide range of human experience. Indigenous Amazonian parents are proud parents.

What will we be like as advanced peaceful humanity in balance with Earth and Sun?

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