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April 23, 2019 ... The congressional incumbent, Jim McGovern, during a packed meeting with Venezuela solidarity at his Northampton office, agreed to work for peace and to end sanctions against Venezuela. Here are the notes recorded by one person at that meeting, in Northampton, Massachusetts;

• He agreed to all our points against intervention: military, economic sanctions and political and financial support of Guido.

• He agreed that there need to be negotiations and that the US is not an honest broker.

• He agreed to hold hearings on the effects of sanctions, focusing on the harm they are doing to the people of Venezuela.

• He agreed to write an op/ed with Jeffrey Sachs against sanctions.

• He agreed to follow up with us.

April 21, 2019 ... Editor's note; The shepherding editor of this tool will continue on this site as an example test candidate in Massachusetts district two looking for improvements from practical experience.

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