Welcome to Autonomous Democracy

Use the Test Vote link below to test the Autonomous Democracy voting tool to express nuanced preferences. The test operates without a login password and email identity. That info stored in the data base is what identifies individual nuanced preferences. One is unceremoniously left in cyberspace when an unregistered vote is saved. That is okay. Get back to where you started. Notice a navigation bar, "Login/Sign-up." That presents a short form and the opportunity to make a data base file for oneself. When that is done, subsequent votes are counted. Everyone is free to change their vote until the last poll closes on voting day, November, 2020.

Test vote for President 2020 here

Win/Lose is not the full story when nuanced preferences are expressed.

How to is easy when the vote distiller is visible;


1) Drag & Drop to arrange your ballot choices

2) Adjust numbers after choices are arranged

3) Send and save your ballot in the ballot data file


Login to change your vote until the polls close — more fun


If this is the first time you have tried this;
There is a short wait, email return makes all your votes real.
You will not receive other emails. This is a voting tool.